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"An engaging and exciting tale, truly the perfect approachable fantasy."    Indies Today⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Briana, Princess of Predonia, has lived a happy and sheltered life.  Then, in a single night, she loses everything - her family, her friends, her home and her kingdom.  Fleeing for her life, Brie is rescued by Flinton, Derek, and Kove, three powerful protectors who take her under their wing and bring her to their secret stronghold deep in the mountains.  There, Brie learns about the Blameless, people who receive magical gifts from the gods after performing acts of unparalleled selflessness.  Among the Blameless, Brie discovers an amazing new world, gaining witty and resourceful companions as she strives to master the mysterious power within her.  She determines to seek justice for her family, and, one day, to take back her people's freedom.                          

Illustration provided by:
Hannu Nevanlinna


 "Christison takes the tropes of epic fantasy and strips them of their angst, crafting a feel-good page turner.  ...even Vaylec - the villain - has a personality and depth beyond the genre's typical evilness for evil's sake.  ...there's a great deal here to ensnare young readers.  A heartwarming and innocent upper-middle-grade fantasy."

- Kirkus Reviews


"Filled with charming characters and a unique, magic-filled world, The Blameless is an engaging and exciting tale, truly the perfect approachable fantasy."   

- Indies Today 

"Fresh, original, and exhilarating, The Blameless is a must-have for your fantasy bookshelf."  

- S.P. O'Farell, author of the Simone LaFray series

"A magical debut with strong writing and lovable characters.  I rooted for Brie as if she were a member of my own family, and all her uncles were my favorite." 

- Karan Amanda Hooper, author of The Kindrily series

"Talk about a feel-good fantasy!...  I can't even describe what makes this book so incredible and memorable, but I would say the unique magic system and beautiful relationships throughout have something to do with it."

- Kristiana Sfirlea, author of Legend of the Storm Sneezer

"Thrilling and packed with action from beginning to end, this book still maintained a wholesome tale with tons of feel-good moments while keeping the reader on the edge of the seat the entire time." 

- Tonja Drecker, author and children's book blogger, www.bookwormforkids.com


"...a delightful and exciting read...  Christison's writing style was accessible and lucid which was perfect for a middle-grade audience."  5 Stars 

- Melati @middlegradebooks

"Wow, y'all. WOW. I loved this.  It was AMAZING!  Out of 164 books I've read this year, this is in my top 5... I love this world, this magic system, and these characters so much!"

- Belle's Middle Grade Library @bellesmiddlegrade 

"I can totally see this becoming a great accessible fantasy book for many of my students... Highly recommend this to any and all fantasy lovers out there!" 

- Kirstin @readwithkmb (5th grade teacher, Chicago)

"The Blameless by E.S. Christison is my latest middle school recommendation...  The Blameless feels like a warm hug, your coziest sweater, your favorite blanket right out of the dryer. It is sinking into a bubble bath or eating a chocolate chip cookie minutes after it's finished baking." 

- Katie @_katie.reads (8th grade teacher)

"Reading The Blameless is the closest I 've ever come to feeling the way I felt when reading Harry Potter as a child...  This book is written for fantasy lovers who indulge in every part of a well-written story." 

- Bettina, English teacher (grades 5-7)

"I'm a sucker for a good fantasy and The Blameless promises a wonderful new series.  ...all of my YA lovers out there will love this book just as much as the younger crowd."  

- Zoe @ya.its.lit

"E.S. Christison poured her heart and soul into this book, and it shows.  I'm going to be suffering until the second book is so much as announced.  I'll read anything this Queen publishes.  She has my heart, she has my trust.  Bring it on, The Blameless.  I'm waiting.  

- Isaac @isaacwinans_reads

" I highly recommend if you are looking for a quick, fun fantasy read." 5 Stars 

- Vanna @vanna_cover2cover


News & Events

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Top Choice LitPick Award

The Blameless received recognition with a Top Choice LitPick Award.  LitPick is a community where book buyers, librarians, authors, publishers, educators, and parents can find out what readers of the target audience actually think about books written for them. A book must have an average rating of 4.5/5 Stars or higher to qualify for the Top Choice Award.  Click on the image to see the reviews.

July 7th


Mom’s Choice Awards® 

The Blameless is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient!  Around the world, parents and educators trust the MCA Honoring Excellence seal when selecting quality products and services for families and children.

June 24th


Award Winner!

The Blameless was chosen winner in the Pre-Teen Fiction category of the 15th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards!  It was an honor to receive this validation from such a highly esteemed organization.

May 28th

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RVA Book Festival

I participated in a panel of middle-grade authors at the RVA Virtual Booklovers Festival. We discussed why this genre is important and how it can be used to develop children who love to read into curious and compassionate adults.  Click on the image to see my virtual booth video.

May 8th

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Interview with Brian Feinblum

It was a lot of fun working together with Brian Feinblum and I got some great marketing tips.  He has helped authors market and promote their books for the past 3 decades.  Check out his award winning blog to read his interview with me.


April 28th

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The Kingdoms of The Blameless




E.S. Christison

My very first job was as a scribe in a library.  I was raised by my father, and he passed a love of reading to me, especially fantasy.  I have passed this same love on to my seven children and, as a result, much of my adult life has been spent in the realms of their make-believe kingdoms, giving me firsthand experience with the whimsical workings of their young minds.  I’ve shared my own stories with them at bedtime, but never chose to write them down until an idea that I just couldn’t ignore blazed into my mind .  I live with my family in Ohio, and when I'm not busy navigating the seas of motherhood, working as a nurse, or castle-hopping and enjoying fine wine and chocolate with my husband, I can be found writing the sequel to The Blameless or dreaming up other tales.




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