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"It's the deed that makes them worthy, not their family or their status."

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First Draft of Book 2 

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Briana, Princess of Predonia, has lived a happy and sheltered life.  Then, in a single night, her father's kingdom is overthrown, her family is murdered, and centuries of peace are violently shattered.  Fleeing for her life, Brie is rescued by Flinton, Derek, and Kove, three powerful protectors who take her under their wing and bring her to their secret stronghold deep in the mountains.  There, Brie learns about the Blameless, people who receive magical gifts from the gods after performing acts of unparalleled selflessness.  Among the Blameless, Brie discovers an amazing new world, gaining witty and resourceful companions as she strives to master the mysterious power within her.  She aims to seek justice for her family, and, one day, to take back her people's freedom.



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First Draft of Book 2 is Complete!

I am so excited to have finished the first draft of Book 2.  Currently working through refinements and edits.  Brie's adventures take her to Fren Forest, among other places.  See updated map below.

March 24th

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The Symbol of the Blameless

"What does that symbol mean?" Brie asked.
"It means we're here," Cassie said. "This is the Council Hall, and that is the sign of the Blameless." She pointed. "Those designs represent the earth, air, and sun. Come on." She motioned for Brie to follow. "There's a back door we can sneak in."

Excerpt from Chapter 6

August 19th

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The Kingdoms of The Blameless




E.S. Christison

My very first job was as a scribe in a library.  I was raised by my father, and he passed a love of reading to me, especially fantasy.  I have passed this same love on to my seven children and, as a result, much of my adult life has been spent in the realms of their make-believe kingdoms, giving me firsthand experience with the whimsical workings of their young minds.  I’ve shared my own stories with them at bedtime, but never chose to write them down until an idea that I just couldn’t ignore blazed into my mind .  I live with my family in Ohio, and when I'm not busy navigating the seas of motherhood, working as a nurse, or castle-hopping and enjoying fine wine and chocolate with my husband, I can be found writing the sequel to The Blameless or dreaming up other tales.




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